Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From the Western Union

in the Christmas gift exchange with the Maryland relatives.
Busyness prevails here at the Odd Fellows
just now;
I paint a shirt for my 2 year old nephew
to reflect the wise and simple life style
of the Justin Geiman family
into which Adam was born.
The 'Bambi' trailer
is the smallest trailer in the Airstream fleet
and the Geimans have theirs parked in the driveway
ready to go almost on a moment's notice.
It was Rev. Charlie's of Pleasant Valley St. Matthew's, once.
(I would have loved it.)
Now it's recycled for Adam
& family: Big Justin, Vicki The Tall,
Jamel, and Elena.


Dee calls me from our bed at 5:45 AM this morning

to show her latest one-up-man-ship of me (smiles).

She took the throw-away back designs
of the cut-up new Mary Estenik gifted Christmas cards
I've been readying for mailing on a post card dime
and fashioned little gift card notes
to go on her gifts.

It promises to be a very MERRY Christmas!