Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I wants to get an Airstream

Vicki The Tall's feet sticking out of the rear Bambi Airstream window?

Vicki's son Adam's painted Christmas shirt, from the front.
He's only two, but He Knows.
Come on, Dec. 25th!

Went to the post office today.
Bought postcard stamps,
Mailed Xmas postcards;
SRN readers now ponder:
Did I acknowledge the raccoon news
often enough to warrant receipt
of such a card?

Time will tell.
I got some extra stamps.


I used to have a 'Pray Dieux' red velvet chair
of French Provincial style
but when my first wife and I split up
I exited without many things
for after all, I reckoned,
what were things?

I hadn't thought of that praying chair
which was made for kneeling upon
with the back providing a rail for pious arms.

Imagine my surprise then when the chair
- never really mine anyway,
maybe it went with a bedroom set
and was the property of daughter, Laurie -
popped up on grandaughter 'Graceless'
Facebook photo page. Hand clinging to the prayer rail
while she drinks. Blasphemic.

Grace, a fine photographer who is taking the craft seriously and is going to college soon to study it, evidently thought the praying chair would be a great prop for some of her many photos in Wasilla Alaska
where she lives. A senior at Colony High.

She even perched the velvet chair on the top of her boyfriend's jalopy for another Grace(less) pose. Such has been the fate of a once reverent piece of furniture.
Maybe daughter Laurie passed the chair along to her own daughter?
The strange thing for me is that these people are heavily into JESUS.

In 1997, I painted my own pray dieux chair.
With this one, one kneels on a floor cushion and
places his/her arms on the chair seat.
It accomodates the reverent very well.

I want to re-glue the carven raven on the top finial
before the kids get here for Christmas.
And before the Wasilla Kari family arrives in January for a Waukesha wedding.

I am told the two grandchildren who I haven't seen since 1994, are a bit leery of seeing their Mr. Grandpa Dix.
I can understand that.