Sunday, January 8, 2012

Choosing words

Email to daughter Erin yesterday:

Sweet Pea,
Decided to put on the comfy blue sweatshirt you gave me.  I was planning to paint it on the back first:
"My daughter
was an honor student
magna cum laude at
And now she works there
as the University
But I decided to break it in first.  Maybe I'll leave it plain, without braggadocio.  I like it a lot, fits perfect, not too tight, just right.
Thanks again for everything!

Jack Hill
Elm Grove, WI
A Fellow Waukesha High School
class of 1954er
has been after me since the first class reunion to attend just one.
One reunion, he's pled. And others similarly implored me in their numbers-boosting drives.  But I demurred all these years until recently when I told Jack I would meet him sometime for lunch, as long as it could be Jimmy's Grotto on Main Street.
We'd kept in semi-touch via Email in recent years but a few weeks ago we had our first sighting of each other in 58 years.

That's a long between drinks.(See Chet's beer joint on Bluemound.) Jack, a retired plastic magnate and a volunteer business advisor through SCORE, has adhered to a different political philosophy, but we've agreed to leave such matters outside the Jimmy's door. And we have done so.

On our second lunch at Jimmy's last week, Jack brought a gift; his second and therefore surfeit 1951 yearbook, the Megaphone, and we had fun pouring over the old pictures of classmates.  I presented him with a reprinted portion of the 1999 LANDMARK Waukesha Historical quarterly, containing my poem (signed), Were You Pulled By the 400?

Jack is working through his 'bucket list' of last thrills before he kicks off.  Upcoming he hopes is a raft trip down the Grand Canyon.  He wants me to come with him.

In our meandering discussions we've talked about credo's to live by.
Jack subsequently mailed me his favorite by George Bernard Shaw:

                              Jack in 1952