Sunday, January 1, 2012

Man Astounded at Odd Fellows Rat

Visiting cleric amazed that a house rat eats only oyster crackers

Even the domesticated beasts
 at the Odd Fellows hall happily
ate on New Years Eve, thanks to Denise
who put on a multi-faceted spread 
for the man and his wife who married her
and the raccoon editor
on November 11, 1983.

A joyous, arms-outstretched Dee
thinks of everyone as equals,
even raccoons and 
a well-mannered rat.

While Cindy & co. dined on Gramaw's fruit cake
and many other delightful comestibles
including frozen chocolate mousse balls, 
the O.F. Rat stuck politely to his ruder
crackers l'oyster,
stepping politely around the tabletop,
keeping his I think pretend
disinterested eyes
straight ahead on his preferred fare.

Rev. Helt, perhaps stunned
at the etiquette of the rat,
seemed to ruminate
discreetly on the varied
habits he has seen other parishioner-
friends engage in.
His career is long.

Happy New Year to all!