Sunday, January 22, 2012

Key Westconsin*

Yesterday, Jan. 21, Dee and I decided to leave the 0 degree
weather, just walking through it the block from our door and then into the tropical environment of the one-year-old Waukesha restaurant, Key Westconsin.

After viewing the ice sculptures on the sidewalk below our windows we scooted across the salt-melted, formerly icy sidewalks into the warmth of the restaurant, where guests are greeting with (doors-held-open) smiling entrepreneurs glad to see venturers-out on such a cold night.

After a couple of their specialty drinks ( one ea), called The Hurricane,
we unleashed our appetites, I, falling hungrily upon the Saturday Special surf and turf special at $19.95.  Dee, Marylander that she is, tried the $17.95 crab cakes and was delighted.

We purposefully arrived at 5 pm ahead of the crowd, found immediate seating and had time to take a few unobstructed pictures before the customers began coming in, eventually filling the place.

Our second time there - the first with Lee and Erin during their Xmas break - we noted again the creative decor of muted, hand-painted murals, done, we were told, by the happy owner-manager.  

The dominant palm tree motif, I can attest, runs all the way through the nautical blue passageway to the immaculate men's rest room, where even the touch of a palm-tree tissue box rests on the vanity.  Perhaps not a dominant observance, but it was noticed.

A tiny glass-shaded counter lamp is also gives a palm tree impression.  Our photo was blurry; next time I will get it.

*The Dixes can wholeheartedly recommend this place to our friends and fussy food-washing raccoon readers.
Yes, we only have to come down a few stairs and walk just a block to get to Key Westconsin, and yes, there are many other good restaurants to frequent in regenerated downtown Waukesha.  

If you are driving, ample parking is right in front of the restaurant, facing the Fox River and the Waukesha State Bank situated across the flowing current.  Views of the infamous gazebo and the Geo. and Edith Love memorial bridge were also seen from our table.


For another nautical impression of Waukesha, near and seen from our Five Points Odd Fellows windows: