Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mike Dix's Extreme Fall; Bucket Lists

Grandson Mike Dix

If you want to be a dave-devil
You gotta start somewhere.
This year-old video is of Mike
still with a lot to learn
but he has been intent on learning it
and he has become more of a master.

He isn't finished yet
though has taken many a spill
as this video suggests.

But Mike is a true Dix
- somewhat foolhardy -
but always read to get
back up and try again.


Mike works as a snow board
instructor now at Olympic Village
and hopes to go to college.


This inclusion in the SRN
was stimulated this morning
by a bucket list video
sent by Rev. Dr. Tom Bentz:

Also in our mind is the 
Grand Canyon float trip
mentioned recently by
fellow Jimmy's Grotto
Italian sausage sandwich eater,
Jack Hill, WHS class of 54


All of Which
points to the sage advice
Uncle Norman Rupnow gave
last Sunday at the Caribou coffee club.
Since 1960,
I've heard Norm utter these words often
but this time I wrote them down
on my NYT Book Review section
at my side.
Norm initialed his nearly timeless finding:


Uncle Norm