Monday, January 2, 2012

I hates your scrawny neck

I hates your scrawny neck

Your neck skin is fitted so tight to all the cords
and bones inside that when you swallow
animation is given to all those interior parts
I have absolutely no interest in seeing;

Your head perches atop your golf-tee neck
and swivels so anxiously left and right
twisting all those cords and should-be invisibles
you look like a perpetual motion
twist-left, twist-right lab mechanism.

You look like an ostrich;
your lips
protrude flatly out  in front of you
like a bill, and when you talk,
I hear a clacking sound;
 any words are lost!

I wouldn't have noticed all this ugliness
had it not been for your constant stoking
of your mouth, 
hiddenly, I'll give you that,
with fresh pieces of chewing gum.
The movement, the cnutch-cnutching

draws attention to your big head
and your scrawny neck.
I also don't like the speed with which
you chew, like a jackal trying to consume
something before it's snatched away

Because of this, you are not desireable,
but if you could get along without the gum
I wouldn't notice you,
you'd be just another unfortunate pop-eyed
guppie face in a crowd.

Get some fat on your neck,
will you please?
If you're going to chew that gum
day in and day out, I'd consider
It a favor if you'd make it so

I wouldn't have to watch your
peristalsis swallowing wave
moving gum juice down your
shrunk-wrapped throat!

This is my thing about you.

[Zep 1-4-00]


PS 1-2-12:

then 12 years later, I develop my own scrawny neck.
& etc,

Exorcist neck turn-about
is fair play, I guess.
But at least I do not
chew gum.
That far I will not go.

(for the reasons previously mentioned)

(+, See:,_Father_William)