Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday celebrations to infinity: Epilogue

Hey Les!
Thanks for the birthday phone call on the 28th.  On the day!
I was not abed asleep as you speculated.  I was heading into Milwaukee and the birthday event arranged by my friend John Helt.  It is written up in the Raccoon.
If you have read the two birthday postings, you perhaps noted the small trombone Dee tied to some flowers.Ref: THE MUSIC MAN  I have taken that symbol of our trombonist, Dad, and wedded it to a small 1930s pin, a picture of my mother, Ruth Elies.  I am wearing that assembly as one now and plan to for some time.  Certainly on ceremonious occasions.
I hope you like it.  Picture attached.  You will remember that Dad was something of a musical instrument salesman when he taught band and history at Sun Prairie high school in those early 30s days.  

He once told me with a wink that the a boy from a wealthier Sun Prairie family was found by analyst Dad to have surprising talent for a big (and expensive!) tuba. THE MUSIC MAN has always reminded me somewhat of Dad and his arrangement with a man at the local music store.
Hope all is well in the Southland.
Brother David