Monday, March 12, 2012

Everything changing


Who says?
Says the raven
Yea, thou hast created me
But all your moves have
Rubbed spittle
In these tacky eyes
Of mine

Once I was blind
But now
I see
(With mud)

Says the raven

I nightly fly about
from this perchy chair
And in the dark
Some of my
you say
 painted feathers
Have chipped off
I say moulted

Look into my
You say
Painted copper black beak
And mark this word:
I shall be with you


So, I say

v.Z. 3-12-12


Less-still life
with mourning dove and stained glass:

Bird awakened us
with cooing
from its
it says
 real bill,
long enough, sitting on
 the circa 130 million year
limestone ledge,
for me to have time to photo
 from the loft
up here.
Taking camera down to window
dove would have flown.

Indeed, it took off
right after the shutter clicked
a second time from downstairs.


A Lenten journey
worth the time

A fine video from Hobo Tom


Daylight Losing Time  (March 11)

Tick     tock:    the clock
the heart          skips a beat
or thirty six hundred
Turn the clock ahead.              Who said?
I’d rather turn in another hour in bed instead.

Tick  shock:    a billion dollars of our time spent
changing half a billion clocks.
Buy an hour next fall?
Why can’t we all
Just live in the now?  
The sun did not stop today
to light the way to let Joshua smite the Amorites
or let us bear armor or be amorous. 
Nor will the earth stop
or all of the armies and all of us
would drop off.

Still I stop         to wonder
Where did that hour go?
That power over time
I thought I could make
or take?

(Also from Hobo Tom)