Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trombone (76) extra-vaganza

The chosen theme for my 76th birthday

Dee baked a pineapple upside-down cake,
always my favorite.
Also seen, the famed Utz potato chips
arrived from Hanover PA by way of 
Pleasant Valley, Means Rest, Maryland

Our friend was still (and always) attracted
to his oyster crackers.
But today he wasn't rodentially alone.*

Surprise flowers bedecked the Odd Fellows hall.
when I got home from a morning adventure.
See following post, up later today

Raccoons assembled
joining birthday cards
and if you look closely
a small trombone from Dee
adorns this floral arrangement.

* A flock of church mice
were delivered to us
at the Odd Fellows
by Kirsten Dobson and Bob!
(a known delicacy:

Dee made a jaunt up the street
to Plowshares
and added an art piece,
an ebony heart motif.

She also found something new at this unique 3rd world store.
Mr. Ellie Pooh's Elephant Dung Paper

I got a book I wanted.  Am well into it.
On civility in the public square, etc.

And last but not least
I was paid a ghostly visit
- there ARE ghosts here at the Odd Fellows -
from our beloved,
here always in spirit


Thanks to everyone!

I got visits, cards, telephone calls or Emails
from all of my four children.
And the folks in Maryland,
and my brother in Shelby, NC.........

A very loud '76 trombones' event
also occurred on Feb. 28th and
 will be described following this posting.