Friday, March 16, 2012

Great interims; Tom mixed metaphors

Look, we CAN all skate together

At the Congo church
our legs were sometimes uncoordinated
sometimes we were machines
to the music going on 
under the great overhead light

but a woman came to 
show the the way

a committee of townsfolk
went out to get us
some protection

and like the Lone Ranger
she rode in; 

she did the job well
and rode out of town
leaving some to scratch
their heads,
"Who WAS that masked woman?"

A tentative answer: 

"We don't know
but she left this
silver (disco ball) bullet......"
there were falls
being human
but she always
got back up......

and now....
A new teacher
with equal promise
gets her skates on
 at the Congo rink.