Monday, November 2, 2009

I beg thee, pay heed

Russell Moccasins
Russell Moccasin Shoe Co.
Berlin, Wisconsin

This morning, a beautiful day in Waukesha, I sat in the sunny south window and added some protection to a pair of my 'Russell Mocs'. Prized possessions, my Russell shoes (have several) have received such focused polishing for many years. They have lasted and lasted, hand-hewn from quality leathers and derived via pleasant drives to the showroom, of sorts, in Berlin. Berlin is near Ripon, FYI. The little screen-doored shop, humble, unpretentious and rare, is off the main street. The town is pronounced BER'-lin.

There have been other articles in the SRN about this place and how we came to know of it. The Russell Company is not bally-hooed. You have to hear about it, and that is why we've instructed our readers more than once. We feel it an onus duty to render.

ask for their free catalog via their E address in the above link

Shoe polish has a distinctive odor. Dee asked from another room if I smelled something like gasoline.
"Negative. Just polishing my shoes."

I like to polish shoes, especially Russells. I can still hear the Army drill sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood MO gently advising,
"Your Boots WILL be highly polished!"
(Long O, as in Poland)
So I even polish certain Russell Mocs made of leather that doesn't ask for polish, just occasional dressing. Some I wear to church with fancy but sedate socks, as yesterday. I like walking in woods or on old floorboards with my old but polished Russell Mocs.

Beneath the burgundy carpet at the First Congregational UCC, I know the original 1800's supporting wooden planks exist, and I think about that briefly as I walk through the sanctuary as I did yesterday, in line, sure-footedly, to the communion table, also old wood.

I believe the powers that be (capitols P, T and B) don't care if I am wearing Russell Moccasins when I present myself for the bread and wine. But I want to wear my best.

So, now I shall repair to the bullhide-soled Russell single-vamped shoes drying in the window, which should be ready about now for the horse hair brush. (Then a 2nd coat of polish and a water misting and buffing with a soft cloth. - optional.)

For your review, I again submit this clip:

This recent clip, by the way, was a real scoop of a feature for the Journal Sentinel. They knew they had a rarity in their hands.
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