Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ILLUSIONS upon arising

Things not always as they seam

I must have been sleeping too long on my hand
for as I awoke and habitually drew my hand
across my head
I felt a corner on my skull.

A sharp edge, as a seam.
In my final moments of sleep
I had been dreaming of artist Wis Guthrie.

Did I develop a new (and unexpected) configuration?

Checking with the other hand
- full-blooded -
my skull felt regular.


Then I arose,
and went to the chair
and pulled on my trousers
looking down over the painted shirt
I'd slept in. An old one.
with fraying seams around the cuffs.

Smiling inwardly I thought of how the paint
forming the necktie had some finally peeling
edges after many washings.
"This only enhances the affect!"
Giving added texture to the illusion.......

Next, I reached for a Russell Moccasin on the table.
The light was coming in the window just right to reveal
a slight puckering in the leather.
Puckering that is beautiful.
These mocs are nearly new!

Shoes made by hand
show the signs of individual attention.
Some seams sewn by hand
reveal relief that is
just part of the non-machined

Same with the edges.
I've seen the cobblers in Berlin WI
cutting them with linoleum knives
by hand.
Then, not specially finished,
turned over or welted,
the raw edges give the shoe that Russell look.

Do I over-rank a mere foot covering?
I must visit the quonseted
leather shop on that back street in Berlin


COMMENT from Shay:

Good morning, David,

Do they sell clogs at Russell Shoe Company?

Ah, I can smell (in memory) the pleasantly biting aroma of paste shoe polish when I was a girl and my father did his shoe polishing ritual. He taught me how to properly polish ~ and instilled the idea that polished shoes and clean windows were a virtue not to ignore in life!

Funny thing, just the day before you sent this post, I revived an old pair of fine leather riding gloves. Still had the faint smell of hay, horse hair and hand sweat. I used Horseman's Friend to clean and condition them. Now they are ready for riding.......... (Like me, they miss Prince!)

Hope you and Dee are well too, and enjoying the Fall.
I know that no matter what season it is, you find so many small wonders to enjoy, be they memories, or things in line of sight. You are truly a man of inspiration, enjoyer of small pleasures, and my muse!
Love to you both,