Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Laurie (Dix) Kari, of Norwegian ancestry

Blue-eyed Alaskan
Struck were we to discover this 1992 photo of daughter Laurie sitting in her pick-up truck, peering thoughtfully while pausing for a passing moose on Hatcher Pass in Alaska. Since 1985 she's been an Alaskan, casting her lot with husband Phil - hunter, fisher, adventurist & many etceteras, and now Phil and Laurie have two teen-age girls, Grace and Ruth.
Laurie's work has included being a feed and hardware store employee, veterinary technician in a raptor clinic (healing gunshot eagles and many more etcs.), and now she is the appointed director of a homeless shelter with which she's been affiliated for several years, in the Matanuska Valley.
As we sort through the basement storage here in Waukesha, we are running into many interesting things that prove indeed: 'All things ARE connected'.
Laurie and Phil were married by Rev. John Helt in Waukesha WI, at First Congregational UCC.