Friday, August 12, 2011

At Lawrence

Erin Dix, Lawrence University Archivist
and her mother Denise Dix

Erin is an '08 alum.

New Warch Campus Center
A donor who insisted on anonymity
provided the funds for this magnificent structure,
named in honor of a former college President.

Sculpture in Warch Campus Center overlooks Fox River
Building dedicated fall 2009.

Erin and mother, Lawrence Old Main in background
'Light, more light'

Standing in the temperature and humidity-controlled archives
at the top floor in the library.

Erin at her desk.

Taking a campus walk yesterday at 9:30 AM
Reliable sun dial on back wall of Old Main Hall.


In our hotel room, a dusty Gideon Bible in the desk drawer.
And, fancy electronic key.