Monday, March 30, 2009

These are for youse


to Rev. John Helt and wife Cindy for their imminent destination at the pastoral call - mystical phenomenon beyond my ken - to St. Paul's United Church of Christ in the town of Erin, WI.

John advises he will assume the helm there on June 28th after completing his interim call at his current church in Highland, Indiana.

These are rarified tidings, fit - and ripe - to print in the raccoon news!

That the Helts expect to be residing on Hogback Road in the shadow of Holy Hill is additional good news. That has been a favorite ride for years and years (and years), especially in the fall when the colors are at their peak, and when the late Mrs. Zinn used to have the art fair under the fruit-bearing trees at her apple orchard, with her goats in attendance. We hope John will be able to have his miniature goats once more.

Also, a favorite restaurant, The Alpine Retreat on Freiss Road was a great destination. There are many reasons to rejoice.

Something had to be done to acknowledge this event. I lay awake thinking about these portents and, pondered: what gift could I give? Then I had it. Leaping out of bed at 2 AM I put my emerald shamrock suspenders on the bed beside the sleeping Mona and over Denise with the plan of presenting them to John. They're as good as his right now!

In fact, John and Cindy, wedded to each other in nearly lock-step, footprint-sharing, three offspring-bearing partnership, can wear them together if they want to. And if they do I will be giving them a big hug myself.

The raccoon news appreciates this scoop presented by Mr. Helt, the man who married us 25+ years ago. See previous smoke signal.

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