Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uncle Skippy

Donor of SRN's new 13.5 Nikon digital camera, Leslie V. Dix II, known in some circles as "Uncle Skippy," forwarded these two Utube clips below for our enjoyment yesterday, which we in turn commit to the ether for all to hear. Esp. all Dixes. Les is an accomplished trombonist in his own right, something that has run strongly in the family. Our dad was once at a point in his career choice of going as trombonist with Al McKinney and His Cotton Pickers OR to college, per his father's dictate. He chose Iowa State Teachers College and a subsequently noteworthy government career. But music - Dad's first job was as a high school band director at Sun Prairie WI - always figured prominently in his life.

Uncle Skippy, pictured above, his 2nd son, 2nd to this editor, executes and promulgates wonderful trombone in his own right; and my son David Jr rocked with Nick Contorno's Kettle Moraine HS band, on trombone. And HIS son, Mike, is on the high road to trombone accomplishment also.

Here are Uncle Skippy's clips:


This artist is a friend of Skip's from when, years ago, they attended the Navy school of music ahead of playing in the Navy Band together. Naus now teaches jazz at the Boston Berkley School.

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