Thursday, October 20, 2011



There was no 'break-up we had' but the 1970s Peaches & Herb song was fitting anyway, covering my joy of being back together again. It seemed mutual:

Yeah......................................................'Hey, Hey.....'

When Dee flew back from her folk's farm in Pleasant Valley Maryland Tuesday evening, there were a few effects in place for her return. The old carnival glass epergne got mounted to the kitchen wall and a fresh rose was placed therein. It formerly held tooth brushes in our downstairs bath at 5 17.

A furniture re-arrangement had taken place, including the tin rooster who was now holding the 'sisters' wind bell in it's beak. That bell came from Dee's sister Donna a couple years back, and because I knew the reunion Dee had had with Donna had been profound, it seemed something to be acknowledged prominently, here.

A bottle of Australian Pinot Noir went down easily, completely.

Dee packed back a piece of quartz from the Means Rest pasture. Many hundreds of such rocks had been picked by the Dee and her sister over the years and tossed aside, out of the way. They were nearly hated, because more seemed to work their way to the surface of the tilled land every spring.

Now the pretty stone once so numerous is a keep-sake at the Odd Fellows.

And, Dee brought back a snapshot from the straightening of Poppy's disheveled big roll-top desk, an image of Leland prominently climbing the back yard tree as a follower of his sister and the MD cousins. That tree and others got climbed by kids a lot.

Note Lee's expression.