Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is the one percent worried? Watch the video at the end of this post.

Wall Street Protesters to 'Occupy' Washington Square, Cops Ready for Clash

By Rebecca Harshbarger, Georgett Roberts and Kevin Sheehan, New York Post

08 October 11

Bruner said he expected "hundreds, maybe thousands" to join the demonstrators this afternoon at Washington Square for its first - ever rally there at 3 p.m. Cops are already gearing up for what could be an invasion.

They're fencing off grassy areas in the park, and putting up 10 - foot high chain link fences around public bathrooms. Close to 30 cops, nine scooters and three - wheeled vehicles and a van were already stationed at Laguardia Place and West 3rd St., hours before the new protest.

One officer at Zuccotti Park told The Post: "I think they'll have to move, to find a new place to stay. They can do whatever they want until the sun goes down." READ MORE

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