Saturday, October 29, 2011

Here's news for cat lovers and Gov. Walker disdainers

The Sewer Raccoon News just got the 2012 calendar we ordered, shown above.
Compiled and published by Katherine Moffat and John Deweerd of the Nebraskans for Peace, the cover cat is Minou. Photos of members' cats are submitted for selection for the annual calendar, in publication since 1984.

John and Katherine are avid photographers and cat lovers. We ordered our calendar by phone (402#) and were pleased by the non-industrial and homey feel of their effort, as gleaned over the telephone.

c/o Nebraskans for Peace
PO Box 83466
Lincoln NE 68501-3466

Tel: 402.475.4620
Toll free: 877.778.3434
Cost with shipping $10.95

We also picked a copy of the Shepherd Express yesterday.
The coffee bistro STEAMING CUP is where we get our free copy of this unique and in this case right on publication.

Check it out.

We also recommend the SC's iced-herbal tea with cranberry.