Monday, October 10, 2011

Landed gentry

Unfortunately, due to misplaced importance on capturing their reflection in their window, the sunk-roots trailer folk did not capture the unicorn's horn in this image.
Werden wie es kann, the Helts, Juan and Cindy, rescued our soon to be homeless weathervane just ahead of our forced march to the Odd Fellows hall. The Helts proudly display our purposefully rusty welded creature, once made in the garage at 517. It's in their front-yard, where they temporarily parked their Wrightian-esque entourage, within the picturesque shadow of Holy Hill.
John, as has been raccoonoitered in this organ, is the pastor at St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Hubertus, WI.

(If you want to search 'Helt' in the window of our page at upper left, you can discover more of the saga, on the unlikely chance you haven't already read it.)


The raccoon News ordered another rubber stamp, self-inking, for our mail. In about a week, our post cards and letters will bear the message:

"Send more Snail