Monday, October 24, 2011

At St. Paul's, Hubertus WI

I took Hawk Mahoney with me to St Paul's UCC yesterday. On arrival ahead of their service, we walked through the cemetery in back of the church to see their new solar panels installation. At the summit of the sloping graveyard we saw the panels come into view, with some old tombstones in the foreground. They were moved there from another worshiping site when the present church was built in 1880.
Difficult as it was to decipher the inscriptions of the moldering slabs, the juxtaposition of the old oldest and the newest St. Paul manifestation was hard to miss.

Hawk, an engineer, counselor, and native American enthusiast was impressed by the simplicity of these solar panels, recently installed through a grant from WE Energies, but that only followed a decision of the congregation to allow the panels to rest and do their collecting work unseen over their hilltop.

Dr. John Helt, pastor, hails the vision of his congregation. They will have their energy provided in full by brother Sun and will sell their power excess back to WE Energies.

Hawk, as we strode back down the hill to the cemetery, stopped and picked a swollen cancor on a weed stalk. He broke it open and showed me the insect within. Indians, he said called these weed growths fishing bait, and would break off many ahead of a gathering of food from the waters.

When I picked Hawk up to drive to Hubertus he interrupted a task of the rubbing of deer brains into a hide, to ease the difficult bond of skin and hair, and to aid in the tanning. When we got back to Waukesha Hawk went back to work on the hide. Later in the day he had a lecture engagement with an AA group.

On the St. Paul's property, Hawk spied many deer signs (footprints) and estimated how old they were or how fresh. An archer, he remarked that he would love to gain permission to hunt some of the private land held by St. Paul members.

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