Sunday, October 16, 2011

Won't you please help me?

These boys knew what they were doing with their songs.
To have lived in the Beatle era was, it turned out, important to us.
I mean, all of us.

That 'HELP" postcard was sent by the SRN today to Stella, the Chalk Dancer.
See message below.

And a couple of other important postcards, three of several being sent out from the vast collection of cards bought in various places, including museums. If you get one, save it. To save the stamp.

We need to communicate, and we want to do it by snail. Yes, a stamp is costly compared to Email, a lot more since E is at the moment pretty much free, but we here willingly buy them and sometimes attach more than the required postage.

It is our way of helping the mailmen and women.

The workers, it's always THE WORKERS!