Saturday, October 8, 2011

Support the US Postal Service

Need a break from Emailing?

The raccoon news discovered a fortuitous trove of postcards in a shelved box. Collected over the years for the art, they are now being put into use. Perhaps you have already received a postal from the old Putney Odd Fellows hall, but if you yet have not, you may.

Our thought in light of the time-worn postal service's economic trouble is to send people written mail by snail. And sometimes we here at the Odd Fellows will put a regular & big postage stamp on a mere post card just to show support with a small contribution.

An unseen Email friend, Jeff Winke, writer & etc., makes a point of sending little poems and haiku to good friends on POST CARDS. With stamps. They get treasured.

It helps the post office. Some may think that is crazy in the cut-government spending age THEY live in.


Corrrection and explanation: Yesterday's raccoon news had a picture of the Congregational Church that looked in a for-shortened close-up like it was a steeple emerging from a halloween spider web of telephone and electric lines.

A correspondent asked where we shot that picture from?

Answ: It was taken from the roof of the parking garage on South Street, where the SRN parks its car.

And sorry for citing the wrong dates for the Silurian Age when the limestone used so prolifically in the downtown came to the fore here before the turn of the 19th century. We missed striking a key when typing the dates for the Silurian era.

We had it erroneously this way: The downtown limestone of which many of the buildings are constructed 'came to be' in the Silurian Age, from 417 - 37 million years ago. Here a piece of temporal feather boa in pink rests on gone-soon weeds at the base of a Silurian chunk of facade limestone.

It should have been -

The Silurian

443 to 417 Million Years Ago

The Silurian (443 to 417 million years ago) was a time when the Earth underwent considerable changes that had important repercussions for the environment and life within it. The Silurian witnessed a relative stabilization of the earth's general climate, ending the previous pattern of erratic climatic fluctuations. One result of these changes was the melting of large glacial formations. This contributed to a substantial rise in the levels of the major seas.

Coral reefs made their first appearance during this time, and the Silurian was also a remarkable time in the evolution of fishes. Not only does this time period mark the wide and rapid spread of jawless fish, but also the highly significant appearances of both the first known freshwater fish as well as the first fish with jaws. It is also at this time that our first good evidence of life on land is preserved, including relatives of spiders and centipedes, and also the earliest fossils of vascular plants. (Wikipedia)

(OK What's a few million years among friends?)


Waukesha West wins over Arrowhead

The vaunted A-R-R-O-W-H-E-A-D.

Stereotypically the rich kids' school in the upper lake-land part of Waukesha County. Waukesha West defeated the expensively-coached and nearly always victorious and frequently title-holding Arrowhead squad in the West homecoming. Sometimes beautiful things happen, along the other things that happen not so beautifully..............

The determined and ready West team stands at attention before the game for the singing of the national anthem. An Army of tough (tougher) men.


And below's the picture that ran in the local sneeze recently of the Waukesha West homecoming court.

Note that the girls are barefoot and in mini-minis, looking like Janes to the boys' Tarzans.

Click if you wish to enlarge. Not recommended by the SRN editor, member of the Waukesha High School class of 1954.
Ah, the youth and their administrators of today......