Thursday, November 3, 2011

Also in that a dusty cardboard box on the closet shelf, this:

A letter to the editor
as it was then known

Dec. 3, 1981

on the death of Sampson the gorilla
at the Milwaukee Zoo
The editor said:
"A giant of a beast had his impact on humans"

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We still feel that way; only MORESO

On a what's-happening-now level
this Email came the other day from
brother Les, giver of the Nikon P6000
digital camera that has enabled most of
the later photos in the Raccoon News.

We have thanked him
we have thanked him
and thanked him again......
because the gift was so great!

Les says:

You are welcome, David.

I don’t believe I ever spent less time thinking about just the right gift for someone with an outcome that so delights and surpasses all the perseveration-filled efforts in my gift giving history.