Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Never to die snapshots

Lee and Erin got out of the car and pointed at their name signs in Wisconsin towns.

In 1972 - see date on snapshot border - I took a trip west in a VW bug, from which I'd removed the back seat for luggage space and room for our cat Sally.
We had a fold-down tent on top of the car where we slept - on top of the car -
and two ten speed bikes lashed to the back.

A real estate recollection

Pictured above, the late Bill Vollmer and friendly agent David Dix. (Bad Company)
The first house I ever sold was in 1977 for Bill and family.
We became friends for reasons previously disclosed in the SRN.
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Bill had a '40' in Marinette Co., WI.
He wanted me to sell if for him eventually.
Dee and I had honeymooned in the rude cabin
on that 40 acres, a wedding gift from Bill and Jane.
The deer mice climbed up and down
the blankets all night to see what was going on.
Dee was disturbed, distracted.

Bill, a gruff and no-nonsense man,
found out from my investigation that there was
no survey for his rustic property.
Bill didn't care.
He bought it on a hand-shake
and he would jolly well sell it
on a godam hand-shake.

By checking adjacent owner's surveys
I discovered Bill's cabin was on a property line
that ran right through his cabin.

A heated conversation between Marinette and Milwaukee
took place between us and then Bill hung up on me.
A couple days later Bill called me:

"Guess what, Dafe?
Lightning struck, and burned down
that godam cabin,
right to the f-----g ground!"

Astride the cannon in Cutler Park

I wonder now that I’ve attained

A certain age

If kids still ride the big cannon

In the library park?

Violence was an ingredient there.

Boys and girls from the nearby

High school and Jr. high

Used to settle disputes

With fists;

“Meet CHEW after school

In back of the library!”

Was a gauntlet thrown down

And sometimes mobs

Of battle-lusters


To watch the outcome.

Names like Inzeo

And Matti-atch'

Among the battlers.


What damage could be done

To any folks in range of the mighty cannon

In library park

Could have been on my mind

When I casually rode

The big cannon,

Albeit artistically, side-saddle,

In not riding, but 1950s saddles (boots?)

Uniforms, always uniforms