Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eat your heart out, Lee


Dee enjoys a leisurely day
- Blessed Wednesdays -
with a root beer float
a real root beer float
not just any root beer float
no, a real root beer float
from John's stand on Arcadian

This representation of Dee's day
was taken (editor's idea) to send
to our son Leland, who, as 'Mr. D',
holds forth as a T. f. America
5th grade teacher in Houston TX.

Lee loves the root beer from John's
When he comes home.
One of the first things he does
is to go to John's for root beer.
He will be there when he gets
home for Christmas.
Then he will come here.

In this picture
Dee traditionally lays back
with blankets, note-cards and books,
including 'the old Jerusalem'
she reads daily,
so worn now that the gilt has
come off the edges
and the binding is
about ready for taping.

A bible, inscribed
"Happy birthday, David
from Mom 1981"
I wanted that particular version.

But you already know
most of that story
because you read the SRN
don't you?