Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gifts galore

A recent menu at the Odd Fellows

Meatloaf made by Dee*
*baked potato
*green beans
*baked apple stuffed with dried Door Co cherries

Some of Cindy Helt's home made bread
(a birthday gift from her)
topped with olive oil
(another birthday gift tucked within Gramaw and Poppy's box)



The first snow of winter 2011
came 11-9-11
Note leaves still turning across from our window.
A gift for me tucked into Dee's birthday box.
Donna, Dee's sister, wrote on the wrapping paper
that she knew how much I missed my fireplace.

Looked fine enough for me lit from the back side;

From the front, there is a opening above the logs
that allows you so see through to the candle flame.

The plaster fireplace appears
to be smiling
from the bottom view.