Friday, November 18, 2011

Fading shirts and railroads


Like a piece of laundry

Washed too often

Old Duffy, mom’s dog,

Was taken into our care

After mom was phasing out

Of her life.

Mom missed Duffy

More significantly than

Anything else.

He was blind and incontinent

Requiring attitude adjustments

For our household.

He held his P for as long

As he could which wasn’t long

Duffy bumped into walls

And furniture


But like a mechanical toy

With built-in change of course,

He cheerfully operated

Duffy had to go out often

And he would seemingly pretend

To be seeing where he was


He would look right at you

With the same earnest gaze

He had as a pup

As if to say I’m all right

I’m a-l-l right.....

After Mom passed

Duffy didn’t get any better

And feeling our duty performed

I took him out

And had him gently put down

But it was a hard thing


We still have his emerald green

Coat around here somewhere.

I took my pc printer and

Made a T Shirt iron-on appliqué

Me carrying Duffy in

After one of his outside


The T shirt has been washed

So often the appliqué has

About worn off

The red shirt is like

Duffy was at the end:

Faded, hard to see





Bob Heeschen
re-acquainted us with The Rock Island Line

He brought us a map of the Line
showing the routes in red.
Bob works as a guide at a RR museum
in his home town, St. Paul MN.

Formerly and for many years
Bob lived in Davenport IA.
The Rock Island served Iowa
very well, in addition to having
routes to Denver and Chicago.

A photo of folksinger Huddy Ledbetter
is above, along with the following clip
of him singing The Rock Island Line:

In the 1940s
at Hadfield Elementary school
here in Waukesha
we kids would sing along with a
Professor Gordon on a radio hook-up
into our classroom via early public radio.
Rock Island Line was one of the songs
Prof. Gordon taught us......

Bob visits a couple years ago.