Friday, November 25, 2011

Out of the vortex of a mind today
spins a vivid recollection of our first cat, Mr. Coon,
so named for the raccoon-like rings
running down the length of
his tail.

It was the first indelible raccoon inspiration
via this noble beast,
the initial placement of
the raccoon notion
that grew to transfer one day
the affection of Mr. Coon the cat
after he was run over by a car
on Arcadian Avenue
to the raccoons of the sewer
coming and going from the storm grate
at our corner,
mostly nocturnal animals who knew
how to bear, no, flaunt true tail rings
AND dodge speeding cars

The rest is history in the making.

Yes, a car finally got Mr. Coon,
but not until he hitched many a ride
around the basement on his mother
Denise's back.....
and logged many happy years
with us.

His nickname was 'Ragtime'.


besides taking rides on Dee he loved to walk around on
piano keys. (Like above)