Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Hands of a magical Grandma


with whom we met last Wednesday at the Steaming Cup
- meeting ground for area notables and not so notables -
unintentionally drew attention to her grandchildren's
favorite instruments,

Though until Wednesday
we have not seen her since 1954
when we graduated together from
Waukesha High School

we have read of the many amusements
those hands have arranged for all those
wee ones. Some not so wee anymore.

Sally has kept in touch for the past
few years via Email
which is the SRN's favorite instrument.

Sally and Dee hit it off instantly.
We would not have thought differently.
Once again, the raccoon editor
proved his singular value
- a go-between conduit.

Our children
and two before them
were born because of that.
I'M happy.

Now it is soon time for Sally and us
to visit the 3 Bros. Serbian Restaurant

And make sure Branco is still OK.