Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WE'RE NUMBER ONE (1) as in 1-1-11

This is Denise Means.
Friend (Number One),
Wife (Number 3)

She took a chance on me
and wound up in
an Odd Fellows hall..........

But her likeness is hallowed.
We taped a photo of her
come-hither look
taken at the National Cathedral
in Wash. D.C
when she was leaning against
our father's Crown Victoria

Taped it to a nondescript
old painting from the estate
of Uncle Lee and Aunt Francis
- Uncle Lee -
remember him?

The picture was already lit
ready for my number one

Separated from number one
these other more mundane interior photos
today of lesser matters
we have illuminated -
electrical or natural:

Don Ringstrom's Hog House.
The rooster appears to be emerging from
the barnyard.

Rev. Leroy's Festoon Fox stands at attention
on the loft ledge
looking down at the passing
cavalcade on W. Main Street

He resembles a constellation
from the street

"Look," little children cry to their parents:
"It looks like a fox!"

A 1972 photo of the Taos pueblo as it was seen then
with a girl crossing the dirt street,
which also had an auto in the background.
A ladder rests against a second floor.
A theme we have repeated at the Odd Fellows.

Yesterday, Joe Beringer called again to meet me at the Steaming Cup
for coffee.
He presented me with a native American dream catcher.
I hung it from the old Resthaven leaded glass window
hanging in front.

The Clarke Hotel and vacant restaurant
repose below.

We feed birds, still.