Thursday, November 10, 2011

Broken, dead?

A crazed rabbit - see finish - stands on its pedestal

here at the raccoon headquarters

in the Odd Fellows hall.

The pedestal is a piece of our beloved Tamarack

that stood higher than the house

at 517 Arcadian.


- Oh see, can you say
By the dawn’s early light -

That the tamarack tree
In the backyard is dead?

Three years have passed
Since it threw out its

Delicate Tufts of bristles

In the springtime;

The tamarack in this unswampy locus

"Just Keep It Wet!" he said
Is replenishing the earth
In newer ways

It would seem;
What so proudly we hailed
Stands skeletonly

At 30 foot greenless attention;
Pale lichen grows on it now
At the twilights last gleaming

But other tamaracks in their earlier
Life stages
Present sun salutes

As ours once did
In this unlikely place
On this troubled globe

o'er all