Saturday, December 13, 2008

In harder times, the smiles were sometimes strained, but broader and softer:

Unusual appearances

Peculiar sightings are made sometimes in usually-conforming, straight-laced Waukesha.

At Christmas, some creatures in this town stir from their underwater or under-snow lairs to log interaction with the outer world.

Disguised to some extent, the SRN editor rang Salvation Army bells, per old custom, last night at Pick N Save on Sunset. The head- attachment worn by him worked well, bringing mucho dollars and coinage to the red kettle. Children, curious at the bearded old man - and hoping he had some Santa connexion - asked parents earnestly for a gift for the pot - and for the people served by the Salvation Army.

In that way ducks were lined up for better fortune under trees on Christmas morning, we speculated.

One guy, a fellow I haven't seen since our kids were musicians at Waukesha South high school, Tim Wright, recognized me instantly and came smiling over, as did many people, to greet the white-whiskered old man with the "neat hat, the COOL hat, ......I love your hat." (Money dropped continuously into the pot......)

And so Christmas goes on, unabated.................

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you at my Pick and Save, would have added to your bucket as I do whenever I pass one. I'll put in double at the next one in your honor.