Monday, December 15, 2008

Packaging, that's where it's at!

The Maryland Christmas box is being shipped from the SRN hdqtrs today. One of the gifts in the parcel, all wrapped by senior raccoon tolerator Mother Denise, is the present for her mother, a life-long seamstress by avocation who has in the last years brought out a line of womens' purses and carry-alls made from recycled blue jeans, with all proceeds going to benefit her village church. The demand is great.

Any garments in need of elaborate repair are sent to Jean Means, who lives on Hughes Shop Road in Pleasant Valley MD, at the farm where the barn made of billboards is located. Her husband John (Poppy), is barn artiste. (See

Our gift to Mom this year is a charitable gift in her name of sewing supplies through

The imaginative gift wrapping by Jean's daugher, Denise, is a paper pattern for the outer wrap and green seaming tape for the ribbon, and a brass button for the bow.

Dee's motto could be "Packaging, that's where it's at!"


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