Friday, December 19, 2008

No rush

Once in a while, we find it is well to shun the micro-wave oven and go out into the wild and dig a hole and cook some baked beans that won't be done for 6 to 8 hours.

I was thumbing my nightstand reading tonight. I keep my 1944 boy scout manual at my side in the same way some keep a bible undusted and close by. (I also have one of those.)

I asked my spouse, who was already asleep, where the old dutch oven is. She said she wasn't going to look for it tonight, but she thinks she remembers where it is in the basement.

There is no rush, as I'll have to dig a hole for this, and the ground is pretty frozen, and right now under more than a foot of snow. Using the general technique of the bean-cooking. however, I could thaw the ground with a slow-burning fire, but there isn't that sort of urgency at present.

A reading of the following from the scout manual may slow you down a little:

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